5 advantages of the Steve Clipper


The Steve Glide Clipper has all the features you want from a sliding bag. This results in a host of benefits for the patient!

These benefits make Steve Glide Clipper the ultimate pulling tool

Advantage 1: suitable for all stockings

The Steve Clipper is suitable as a pulling aid for all types of elastic stockings. This applies to elastic stockings with open and closed toe piece.

Advantage 2: two elastic handles

Thanks to the two elastic handles, you can put on or stretch your support stockings yourself without any effort. This makes the Glide Clipper a helpful glider.

Advantage 3: smart and easy clip closure

The Clipper has a smart and above all easy clip closure. This prevents the sliding bag from coming off, which is experienced as very comfortable.

Advantage 4: one size fits all

Steve Glide Clipper is known as a universally portable sliding bag. The ‘one size fits all’ concept makes it easy for everyone to use the Clipper.

Advantage 5: easy to wash

Steve’s Glide Clipper can be washed by hand without any problems. This way it is possible to keep the sliding bag clean and hygienic at all times.

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When can you use the pulling aid?

The Steve Glide Clipper can be used with stockings with open and closed toe. This glide is removed after putting on the stocking above, instead of pulling on 1 loop at the level of the toes. The Glide OFF is also very usable with the Clipper, so the client can also easily take off the stocking.