Attach Velcro to a wet Orficast splint

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It is possible to get a wet Orficast splint. This can be when swimming or showering. When the splint is wet, it becomes more difficult to add other parts to it. This includes Velcro. How are you going to apply the Velcro to a wet Orficast splint?

How to attach Velcro to a wet Orficast splint?


Heat the Orficast or Orficast More and apply it to the skin as you normally would. Form the orthosis and then cut the ends where the Velcro should come nicely round.

Now it is time to make the Velcro closure, lay out the following:

  • Two narrow strips of Orficast
  • A small piece of self-adhesive crochet strap
  • A longer piece of loop tape

Step 1: Heat strips

  • Heat one of the narrow strips of Orficast with a heatgun or dry heater and also warm the adhesive side of the piece of hook tape.

Step 2: Press hook strap firmly

  • Press the piece of Orficast and the hook strap firmly together.
  • Cut it to size and round the corners neatly with the scissors.
  • Reheat the Orficast side of this clasp and attach it to the orthosis.
  • Press the Velcro firmly so that the two layers of Orficast adhere well to each other.

Step 3: Attach loop band

  • Heat the orthosis at the place where the loop band should be.
  • Press the loop band with the loop side firmly onto the orthosis.
  • Strengthen the connection by warming up the second strip of Orficast and placing it over the edge of the loop band.
  • Press the Orficast firmly and make sure that all corners are securely attached.

Step 4: Constructing orthosis

  • Place the orthosis on the client’s hand and check the length of the Velcro.
  • Close the Velcro around the client’s hand, then cut the Velcro to the correct length and round the corners to finish it neatly.
  • The orthosis is now ready for use!

Follow the step-by-step plan via video