BioSkin knee brace is the solution for knee injuries


BioSkin braces help with recovery, prevent further injury and can help to improve your performance. BioSkin knee braces are known for the unique materials it has and the compression these braces give.

BioSkin knee brace Gladiator offers the right solution for your knee injuries

The Gladiator knee brace from BioSkin protects the complaints in the knee with medical quality compression. The brace is equipped with a ROM hinge to effectively protect the multiple conditions in the knee. The locking system ensures that the Gladiator knee brace sits firmly around the leg. The pins in the hinges can be easily adjusted to limit flexion and/or extension.


In what way do the knee braces ‘front closure’ and ‘pull on’ differ?

A BioSkin knee brace is available as a Front Closure model or as a Pull On model. Both knee braces soothe pain, prevent unwanted movements, protect the joint and help restore the knee. The difference between Front Closure and Pull On lies in the way of donning and the degree of compression.

For which indications is the Gladiator extremely suitable?

  • Torn ankle ligament
  • Torn meniscus
  • Ligament support
  • Hypermobility
  • Instability of the knee
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The right functions of the Front Closure knee brace

A brace with Front Closure system is particularly nice when one experiences a lot of pain during the acute phase of the injury. A knee brace with Front Closure closure can be easily and painlessly put on without having to bend the knee. The advantage of the different Velcro closures is that they can be set independently of each other.

What are the advantages of the Front Closure?

✔ Painless putting on
✔ Exceptional Support
✔ Perfect fit


The right functions of the Pull On knee brace

A Pull On knee brace is ‘pulled’ over the knee, as it were. By means of the large loops on both sides of the brace, it is easy and quick to put on. The breathable fabric around the knee ensures good compression. In addition, the Pull On variant is equipped with a comfortable silicone gel ring around the kneecap for extra comfort.

What advantages does the Pull On have?

✔ Fast and efficient attraction
✔ More compression
✔ Breathable fabric