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A diabetes shoe is meant for someone with diabetes. This specially designed shoe offers wearing comfort and is in this way a suitable tool. Darco offers the right solution for this.

Why Darco is the number one solution for foot problems

The shoes have been specially developed for space and comfort. So that the patient can walk comfortably. Foot problems are common, especially in people who suffer from diabetes. These people then suffer from affected nerves. A diabetic foot is a combination of foot abnormalities that occur in patients with diabetes.

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What can Darco do for a patient with a diabetic foot?

Due to the extensive range of Darco it is possible to choose the medical shoe Darco Relief Dual. These medical shoes provide stability, shock and pressure distribution after operations on the foot so that the foot can recover faster. It is also a shoe that helps in allowing diabetes wounds to recover. This shoe has a double sole technique and can be worn both left and right.

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Which diabetes shoe should you choose for your patient?

A good question is of course: Which diabetes shoe is suitable for men and which for women? Darco’s diabetes shoes are produced as unisex shoes. This means that the medical shoes are suitable for both women and men. Keep in mind the dimensions of the diabetes shoe. The large shoe sizes are tailored to men’s shoes, the small shoe sizes to women’s shoes. An additional advantage of Darco’s diabetes shoes is that they can be used universally.

What to do preventively against a diabetic foot?

Good foot care is very important in preventing a diabetic foot. The patient must at all times follow the advice of the doctor, wound care specialist or nurse.

Points of attention against diabetic feet

In this post you can read a number of important points of attention with which your patient can do something preventive against diabetes feet. One of the important points to pay attention to when preventing a diabetic foot is the proper drying of the feet, the prevention of wounds, prevent seams in the socks / shoes, prevent shear forces in the shoes. In addition, it can help to pay attention to blood sugar levels, have body weight and feet and shoe soles checked regularly.

Benefits of Darco Diabetes Shoes

The Darco diabetes shoe has properties that characterize the product. These advantages make the product a unique diabetes shoe that distinguishes it from similar models. The benefits of the Darco diabetes shoe can be found below.

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