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Recovering from Hallux Valgus surgery can be a lengthy process. Fortunately, Darco offers a wide range of shoes and aids after surgery. In this blog post you will be taken into the recovery, preventive prevention and the tools of Hallux Valgus.

I have a stabbing pain after a Hallux Valgus operation, what now?

We at Lomed offer you the solution. At the moment that a patient has been treated surgically, the toe should be given a rest, by relieving it. This can be done by means of special (medical) shoes, but Darco has more tools. Below you can read more about Darco and the tools it offers.

Darco develops its products in collaboration with medical specialists in the field of physiotherapy and sports medicine.

Darco and the recovery from a Hallux Valgus operation

Darco can help in various ways in the recovery of the patient and the Hallux Valgus problem. Darco does not only supply medical shoes for a Hallux Valgustreatment, as described below. Darco also offers other aids, such as the Darco TASO Function comfort hallux valgus toe alignment sock. This sock has two different functions.

Why Darco is the number one solution in Hallux Valgus operations

Darco is an internationally leading manufacturer of orthopaedic devices and shoes. The brand is known for its medical shoes, but Darco can also be used for other orthopedic solutions.

What are the causes of Hallux Valgus?

Discover in the infographic what the cause of Hallux Valgus can be.

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Which Darco shoe should I use after surgery?

With the special Darco shoes for Hallux Valgus it is super easy to support the forefoot as well as possible. Darco has the Orthowedge medical shoe line for this. These shoes ensure that the patient no longer rests on the front of the foot when you sit or stand. This shoe is specially made for either your left or right foot.

What does the Darco range consist of?

Darco offers a wide range of orthopaedic devices. Think of bandage shoes, plaster shoes and walkers. You can contact Lomed for expert advice on the entire Darco range and the purchase of your Darco products. View the full Darco range here.

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How can you prevent prevent prevent deformity?

Darco can be used preventively to prevent the development of possible malformations. In addition, the sock can be used postoperatively after corrective hallux valgus surgery to support the correct position of the big toe. The TASO® sock does not push the toe into place but affects the alignment by gently pulling the toe. The sock is equipped with laminated strips on the outside and is made of a soft cotton fabric.

Benefits of Darco medical shoes

Darco medical shoes have properties that characterize the product. These advantages make the product a unique medical shoe that distinguishes itself from similar models. The advantages of the Darco medical shoe can be found below.

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