DARCO therapeutic shoes

Discover the pressure-relieving properties of
DARCO therapeutic shoes

DARCO AllRound Shoe®

Closed dressing shoe for long-term use

From Post-OP to wound care, this “Allrounder” is an all-encompassing dressing shoe, a pressure-relieving shoe and a rehabilitation shoe. All-in-one design for comfort and ease of use.
• Postoperative care
• Wound care
• Arthritis
• Foot in risk category 0, 1 or 2 (according to the German Diabetes Associations Directive)

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DARCO Relief Dual® Off-loading shoe

Stability, shock absorption and pressure redistribution after foot surgery

Postoperative stabilization and off-loading with improved shock absorption. Extra attention for patient safety and comfort thanks to:
• New non-slip sole
• Soft inner lining and light and breathable top material
• Seamless and greater comfort area after hallux valgus surgery, for e.g.
• Improved fit with optimised heel hood profile

Indication: Postoperative use for stability and off-loading, e.g. after foot osteotomy procedures

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DARCO Peg Contour Insole: custom print relief

For redistribution of pressure by selective pressure, exculpatory properties

General indications:
• For use after hallux valgus and small toe operations (Austin, Akin, Scarf, Weil, Hohmann, etc.)
• Talipes valgus, flat foot, splayfoot
• Angioneuropathic changes of the foot in combination with mild foot abnormalities

Additional indications for the allround shoe version®
• Heel spur (plantar fasciitis)
• Healing of heel wounds and ulcers in the heel area (sores in the hind foot)
• Postoperative use and treatment of the heel

Additional indications for the version Relief Dual®
Selective Off-loading at:
• Plantar lesions, ulcers and preventive in the forefoot or metatarsal
• Pressure points in the forefoot or metatarsal