Discover all the possibilities of the Fractomed Lite splints

Fractomed Lite: Extremely light immobilization system in PVA
for use in acute situations, in er and orthopaedics

The Fractomed Lite splints are made of 3D High Tech PVA foam with high porosity (70%). Due to the open cell structure, the entire surface is air permeable. This results in better comfort for the patient by reducing perspiration and skin irritation. Fractomed® PVA splints are the only splints in the world with these unique features!

• Direct immobilisation
• On the spot in case of accidents
• Sports injuries
• Trauma applications
• Orthopaedic applications
• Postoperative deployment
• Bedridden patients


  • Made from 6mm high tech polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)
  • Delivered, including semi-elastic bandage
  • Direct application, without water and/or heat sources
  • Anatomically shaped and easily formed in the right position for optimal patient immobilization.
  • 70% porous: thus prevents pressure ulcers, swelling and inflammation of healthy skin
  • Very light, air permeable and water repellent
  • Can be cut very easily and dust-free with ‘gypsum scissors’
  • Allow X-rays to pass through (Radiotransparent)
  • Extremely comfortable and highly immobilizing
  • Ecological, Biodegradable
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