Kinesiology tape can be used for sports injuries, but also for special complaints such as hay fever or headaches. In order to make your practice as versatile as possible with regard to the treatment of clients, Lomed has drawn up the following 9 special typing options for you. Check out the 9 tips and tricks of working with kinesiology tape from Tmax below.

1: Nausea and upset stomach

Nausea or upset stomach can be very annoying. These complaints can be treated with kinesiology tape. The tape then gives off a stimulus which causes a decrease in tissue tension in the stomach zone. As a result, the complaints will decrease or even disappear.

How can the tape be applied?

  • Cut two strips that are the same length.

  • Place the tape on the sword-shaped fastener on the lower sternum and place it on the lower rib.
  • Be sure that the patient puts the arms in the neck and performs maximum breathing. In addition, you should not put tension on the tape.
Misselijkheid tapen

2: Excessive drooling

There are many people where saliva production may be disrupted. Think of people with a disability (Down Syndrome, Parkinson’s, brain hemorrhage or stroke). A small piece of tape on the chin can already relieve the saliva muscles.

How can the tape be applied?

  • Make sure the tape is about 2 cm.
  • Apply the tape to maximum tension.
  • Let the tape sit for a day unless it irritates.
overmatig kwijl tapen

3: Hay fever

With hay fever, an allergic reaction occurs from pollen, grasses or trees. People who suffer from hay fever have difficulty producing antibodies for pollen, causing the body to react violently. Kinesiology tape can offer the solution against hay fever by stimulating skin sensors.

How can the tape be applied?

  • Or make two different I-strips (x), releasing the spine (at least one centimeter).
  • Or apply an X-tape in which the part of the spine is taped in.
Tapen van hooikoorts

4: (Tension) Headache

Incorrect movement, stress, tension or overload can be possible causes of headaches. In addition, the position of the head in relation to the neck is an important factor in headaches. Taping ensures better blood flow, faster removal of waste products and a relaxation of the tissue.

How can the tape be applied?

  • Cut from two strips of tape a lymphatic tap (thick strip cut into four small strips).
  • Apply the tape to the collarbone without stretch and allow the ends of the two strips of tape to intersect with each other.
spanningshoofdpijn intapen

5: Pregnancy

There are many women who experience less pleasant symptoms during pregnancy. Think of nausea, swelling, back pain and an expandable abdomen. When using Tmax tape for pregnancy, the pain in the abdomen is naturally reduced. This must be applied in the right way or it will be counterproductive.

How can the tape be applied?

  • Apply an I-strip just below the trouser line and drop the tape over the belly (under the navel along the side).
  • Apply the same strip again. Let both strips end on the lower back.
  • Then do this in the same way but through the back.
buik zwangerschap intapen

6: Breast cancer (Edema)

Kinesiology tape can mainly be used in breast cancer during the recovery process (after treatment). Side effects can then occur, for example seroma formation. This is fluid that fills an empty space due to the occurrence of the operation on the breast. By using tape, the drainage of moisture will run better.

How can the tape be applied?

  • Apply a grid to the front of the chest (thin strips on top of each other).
  • Also apply narrow strips at the back (waves).
  • When the patient suffers from Edema, apply LymphTaping. You do this by applying strips to the lymph node that is still present in the body.
tapen bij borstkanker


There are several lung conditions that fall under COPD together. When the patient suffers from COPD, there is an increase in mucus formation, shortness of breath, shortness of breath and more coughing. COPD cannot be cured, but complaints can be reduced.

How can the tape be applied?

  • You should tap the back in the same way as with hay fever.
  • Make two different I-strips, releasing the spine (at least one centimeter).
  • Then apply two Y-shaped strips to both shoulders, ending on the sternum.
Intapen van COPD

8: Scars

Scars are caused by the repair of a wound and by tension of the wound, the skin can get too little rest. A scar can therefore be the cause of imbalance in the body. By taping scars, healing will accelerate, making the scar less deep and the skin more supple.

How can the tape be applied?

  • Cut strips from 1 to 1.5 cm wide in the longitudinal direction of the roll of tape.
  • Apply the tape next to the wound, on both sides.
  • Apply crosses over the scar.
  • With an old scar you use more tension.
littekens intapen

9: Ringing in the ears

Ringing in the ears can also be treated with kinesiology tape. You can tap the muscles in the neck, neck or head region. These muscles have an influence on the ringing in the ears or headache complaints. By taping these muscles it is possible to reduce the complaints of ringing in the ears.

How can the tape be applied?

  • Cut a Y-tape from a strip 2.5 cm wide.
  • Measure the length of the tape in the stretched position of the muscle.
  • Apply the tape without stretching with the muscle in stretched position, from just below the ear to just above the sternum.
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