Discover all braces from Lomed

Lomed Netherlands offers medical braces for repairing and preventing an injury. A brace provides support to a particular joint in case of lack of stability or firmness and pain or swelling. While wearing a brace, certain joint results are limited while movement remains possible. A brace can support different joints. Such as the knee, ankle, elbow, shoulder, neck, wrist and back.

Why a brace?

A brace is a very useful and simple tool to relieve the joint. In addition to relieving a joint, a brace can also be worn to prevent an injury. Especially in sports in which there is a lot of twisting, turning or jumping, wearing a brace is very preventive. At Lomed you will find a wide range of braces from top brands such as Push, Push Sports and BioSkin. Lomed’s products are used throughout the country within hospitals, gp practices and therapeutic institutions. For more information, see this link,which states about some brace species when they can and cannot be used. If you have any questions about anything, please contact one of our specialists or customer service.

Push braces

Push has been developing braces that enable healthy exercise for decades. Together with scientists and doctors, they are constantly looking for new methods and technologies to relieve the human musculoskeletal system as much as possible. Push’s range varies per brace in function retention, function recovery or function improvement. Click here to view push braces. Besides Push brace, there is also a line called Push Sports. This line specializes in giving freedom and control during exercise to the user of the braces. Check out Push Sports here.

BioSkin braces

BioSkin braces are made with the best materials, this also promises the best quality. Since 1994, BioSkin has been working with its own designed material that provides orthopaedic compression. Use BioSkin braces to speed up the recovery process, prevent injury, and increase performance. Thanks to the compression, sports become safer. The materials of BioSkin contain anti-slip mechanism, are adaptable to the body shape and breathable. Click here to view BioSkin products.