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DARCO is a strong brand and leading manufacturer of orthopaedic foot and ankle products such as plastering shoes, walkers, postoperative shoes and off loading solutions. The products have been developed in collaboration with medical specialists all over the world.
DARCO also offers orthopaedic footwear for diabetics and solutions in the field of sports medicine and physiotherapy.

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What makes Darco so special?

DARCO focuses on developing the most effective orthotics for wrist and ankle joints by using the latest technologies in production and materials. In addition, DARCO offers elastic tapes for kinesiology and therapeutic socks.

DARCO now manufactures the original MECRON product line. This line focuses, among other things, on postoperative and post-traumatic care regarding splints and bandages for limbs and trunks. The name MECRON has international recognition and a reputation for quality and comfort, designed to maintain and restore the function of the entire musculoskeletal system.

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