Darco shoes available at Lomed

Darco shoes have been developed in collaboration with medical specialists worldwide. Darco also offers medical shoes for diabetics and solutions in the field of sports medicine and physiotherapy.

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What makes Darco so special?

Darco concentrates on developing the most effective orthoses for the wrist and ankle joints by using the latest technologies in production and materials. In addition, Darco offers elastic tapes for kinesiology and therapeutic socks.

Darco now takes care of the production of the original Mecron product line. This line focuses, among other things, on postoperative and post-traumatic care regarding splints and bandages for limbs and trunks. The name Mecron has international recognition and a reputation for quality and comfort, designed to maintain and restore the function of the entire musculoskeletal system.

What type of medical shoes does Darco sell?

Darco offers a different range. Darco offers plaster shoes, walkers and bandage shoes. Below you can read a detailed description about these products.

Darco plaster shoes

Darco offers a different range. Darco dual relief gypsum shoe provides stability and reduces pressure on the foot after surgery. The shoe has an anti-slip sole and is easy to put on and take off. Darco plaster shoe is universally portable and very comfortable.

Darco walkers

The Relief Insert® Walker is used in combination with the included Relief Dual® Off-loading Shoe and is intended to immobilize the foot and ankle. This walker supports the biomechanical structure of the foot and ankle and is comfortable to wear. In addition, the walker is easy to put on with the easy Velcro closure. Includes Relief Contour Insole.

Darco bandage shoes

To prevent pressure on existing ulcerations and wounds in the forefoot, the number of Velcro straps can be freely chosen. Up to three Velcro straps can be flexibly attached and shortened if necessary. The Darco Commodus Open® can be individually adjusted and can therefore meet the needs of each patient. This individual adjustment option results in excellent patient adherence.

Darco shoes are ideal to use for the next injuries

When it comes to remedying complaints to the forefoot by means of a medical shoe, many injuries are eligible for treatment with the Darco shoe. Regularly it is due to overloading at the foot which is caused by, for example, training too hard or running.

Darco and Hallux Valgus

With the special Darco shoes for Hallux Valgus it is super easy to support your forefoot as well as possible. The Darco Orthowedge medical shoes ensure that you no longer rest on the front of the foot when you sit or stand. This shoe is specially made for either your left or your right foot.

Darco and diabetic foot

It is possible to opt for the medical shoe Darco Relief Dual. These medical shoes provide stability, shock and pressure distribution after operations on the foot so that the foot can recover faster. It is also a shoe that helps in allowing diabetes wounds to recover. The shoe has a double sole technique and can be worn both left and right.

Darco and Hamertenen

The Darco Orthowedge Pediatric is suitable for use as a forefoot-relieving shoe in children, in the postoperative treatment of Hallux Valgus, hammer toes or other forefoot problems. Furthermore, the shoe can also be used for the stool of forefoot ulcers. The shoe has been specifically developed to protect the forefoot, by removing most of the pressure from the forefoot during the cycle of walking.