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Novak M | Treatment and research bases of the highest level

Since 1979, Novak-M has been producing treatment tables and research tables that help healthcare professionals and patients to take treatment to the next level. With years of experience, Novak-M strives to combine industry knowledge with innovative technology. Through a solid, global distribution network, which also includes Lomed, we work closely together to meet the high quality requirements of the market.

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What makes Novak so special?

Novak M’s treatment tables and research tables have a very long tradition as the best choice for general and specialist examinations and treatments. Novak-M’s product range is distinguished by a simple and sleek design with patented solutions that provide full support for a great treatment experience.

Depending on the complexity of general or specialized medical examinations, there is a choice of different models. The reduced design gives shape to their elegant appearance, which was one of the reasons that the tables again received the Red Dot design award 2020.

Choose from more than 30 different colours of top quality water and fire-resistant leather. To meet all work requirements, Novak M also offers a range of innovative accessories. As a result, the research and treatment table fits perfectly in the healthcare professional’s office.

To help you choose a custom-made product for your treatment room, we’ve introduced an easy-to-use online configurator. Here you can put together each table to your liking.

More information about Novak M’s treatment banks? Then make an appointment with one of our specialists. We would like to visit you without obligation.