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PMT Corporation, specializes in the development of special products, devices and instruments within the medical world. PMT Corporation’s Halo systems are reliable, user-friendly and ensure optimal comfort and healing for your patient. The high quality of these Halo systems ensures that the body can recover naturally.

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What makes these Halo Systems unique?

  • The titanium is of medical quality, combined with the graphite head ring and the support rods are 1.5 / 3T MRI conditional and CT compatible.
  • The adjustable main blocks can be adjusted independently in 3 ways, think of; A/P positioning, Flexion/Extension and Tracton/Distraction.
  • Displaced buckle for clear lateral X-rays.
  • The design of the vest results in a lower weight, a better fit and more adherence for your patient and is available in 3 variants; lamb’s wool, acrylic and coolmax.
  • PMT Halos are manufactured with a heart fold in the shell just above the sternum, allowing quick access to the patient’s chest for CPR or other emergencies.

Good to know:

It is very important that the correct way of constructing and maintaining the Halo systems is regularly tested. The aim of this training is in particular to optimize your knowledge by combining practical exercises and the accompanying instructions.
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