Ponseti Clubfoot Solutions

The original clubfoot products of MD Orthopedics are the standard for treatments of clubfoot disorders. We believe that children’s precious feet deserve the best and therefore use years of knowledge and expertise to design clubfoot devices, ABOs and similar solutions in accordance with the Ponseti method.

The patented system features a hard sole, a soft rubber lining for comfort and flexibility, and a soft synthetic leather body and straps. The location of the heel is easily seen through two holes in the back of the AFO and the shoe is attached to the fully adjustable PonsetiĀ® Bar, in accordance with the standard Ponseti bracing protocol, with built-in dorsal flexion.

Ponseti AfFO Plantar flexsion stop
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Ponseti clubfoot products and information

As a distributor, we would like to keep you informed of the product developments around the original clubfoot products of MD Orthopaedics. We are happy to be of service to you to guide the provision of tools related to this important care demand in the right direction.

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