Steve+ pull help, the full line now also available at Lomed!

Taking on and taking off support stockings has never been easier. Thanks to the Steve+ pull-in, you can easily put on and take off your own support stockings and tights. At Lomed you will find several variants of the attraction that can be used not only by patients but also by healthcare providers.

What makes Steve+ so special?

Steve+ is part of WestCare and has been developing the perfect tool for putting on and taking off support stockings for decades. Over the years they have gained a lot of experience by having the pull aid tested and adapted where necessary. After Steve and Steve2 they developed the Steve+. The Steve+ is even simpler, fully demonstrable, multifunctional and cheaper. Steve+ will continue to innovate to improve the comfort of patients wherever possible.

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Catalogue Steve 2020

In steve+’s catalogue you will find all products with item numbers, dimensions and sizes. This allows us to help you find a specific product. Would you like to receive more information? Feel free to contact us.

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Steve+ runners!

Steve+ complete

Steve+ is the perfect tool for putting on and taking off support stockings. With the complete set, you can put your support stockings on and off without bending down. This is the solution in rheumatism and arthritis. The Steve+ is completely demonstrable and can easily travel with you.

Steve grip gloves

The Steve Grip gloves offer maximum grip on the stocking, making it easy to put on and off the support stockings. The gloves are available in latex and latex free.

Steve Glide Dolphin

The Steve Glide Dolphin is a slide for elasticated stockings with open toe. With this tool, the support stockings can be easily pulled on and off without putting a lot of force into it. This is a very suitable product for mantle and home care.