Tmax Premium Kinesiology Tape

Tmax produces a variety of high-quality kinesiology tapes in its own production facility. The kinesiology tape is widely used within both the sports industry and also within the healthcare sector. With a global market, Tmax has grown into a leading premium brand, at an affordable price.

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What makes Tmax Tape so special?

With Tmax kinesiology tape, quality comes first. The tape provides improved blood circulation and adapts to your movements. The applied wave pattern adhesive form allows the skin to breathe and provides comfort and stability for any muscle and or joint. The acrylic used medical glue is safe for the skin.

Different versions make it possible to use Tmax tape within various application areas. Choose from different colors, materials and patterns. In addition to the standard 5 meter roll packaging, Tmax cotton is also available in the larger and cheaper 32 meter Clinical rolls for healthcare professionals.

With Tmax tape you choose a premium kinesiology tape at an affordable price.

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At Tmax, quality is paramount, not only the adhesive strength is important, but also the safety for the skin is an important area of focus of Tmax tape. The applied wave pattern glue form allows the skin to breathe. The acrylic used medical glue is safe for the skin.

✓ 160% elasticity, similar to skin and muscles
✓ Wave pattern glue allows the skin to breathe
✓ Medical acrylic glue prevents rashes and/or irritation of the skin
✓ Sticks excellently to the skin and provides strength support
✓ Water resistant in pool and shower

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