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Read below what makes Darco Relief Dual ® so special.

The Darco Relief Dual ® provides a balance of stability in the pressure reduction on foot after surgery. The shock absorption is located around the ball of the foot and the heel region. The Darco Relief Dual ® features a soft inner lining that, together with modern design and breathable material, offers maximum comfort. Furthermore, the shoe has a large comfort zone that offers space on the forefoot.

Darco Relief Dual

Forefoot exculpatory shoe

Open entry

Seamless and larger comfort zone

4 partially sole system

Check out the brochure for a clear overview of all the benefits of the Relief Dual exculpatory shoe

Combining Darco Relief Dual ®

The Darco Relief Dual ® can be combined with the Puzzle Insole ® or the Relief Contour Insole,which, thanks to their unique wedge-shaped design, ensure a further reduction in pressure around the forefoot. The insole can therefore be replaced (e.g. in case of wound contamination in case of ulcers or other complaints). In combination with the PegAssist ® sole, in addition to the innovative ‘Dual’ sole technology, an additional option is found for reducing pressure on specific vulnerable areas on the forefoot.

Dressing shoes

Bandage shoes are worn to promote the healing of the feet. After surgery or swollen feet, the bandage shoes provide a feeling of stability and a shock and pressure distribution. This will also reduce the pain. The Darco Relief Dual ® dressing shoes features an innovative dual sole technology. This sole consists of a slip-resistant rubber.

Also, the shoes are easy to clean and universal. This makes the Darco Relief Dual ® reusable and durable. Darco’s bandage shoes can continue to run after surgery or injury while protecting the feet optimally. The upper lining is seamless and the Darco Relief Dual ® has a large front comfort zone that accommodates the forefoot (e.g. in Hallux Valgus operations), with the sturdy support region at the rear keeping the heel perfectly in place.

Diabetes shoe

Diabetes patients often experience foot problems. They often have to deal with affected nerves (neuropathy). This can be prevented by wearing spacious and comfortable shoes. Darco Relief Dual ® is the solution. These dressing shoes consist of a comfortable material, spaciously designed, making putting on and taking off easy. The shoes also have a ‘sandwich technology’ sole. The Dual sole combines the benefits of EVA shock absorption material and the non-slip properties of rubber, for a groundbreaking step in the post-operative treatment of foot care. This ensures maximum redistribution of pressure, while the metatarsophalangeal joint (MTP I & MTP V) and the distal interphalangal joint (DIP I & V) are effectively immobilized

Orthopaedic shoes

Outside the Darco Relief Dual ®, Darco is engaged in other orthopaedic aids and shoes. Like the Darco Relief Insert ® Walker. This product can be combined well with the Darco Relief Dual ® and ensures immobilization of the foot and ankle. Stabilization is further guaranteed thanks to a double-sided, rigid scale system.

The Darco Relief Insert ® Walker is thus perfectly inset bar at TMT-I arthrodese (Lapidus Arthrodese) and the postoperative treatment of forefoot problems, foot fractures, back foot problems, ankle fractures, Hallux Valgus operations, hammer/claw toe surgery and other foot problems. In addition, the Darco Relief Insert ® Walker also provides support for a folding foot and the walker is easily adaptable in case of changes in swelling. The walker is also ideally suited to a conservative immobilisation policy. The Darco Relief Insert ® Walker supports the biomechanical structure of the foot and ankle. The talus and the calcaneus are kept in a neutral position, creating maximum immobilization.

The Darco Relief Insert ® Walker features a Velcro closure, which makes the addition and stretching very easy.