ECO Cleaner: the solution for the safe cleaning of instruments and surfaces!

Read below why ECO Cleaner is the solution for the safe cleaning of instruments and surface boilers

ECO Cleaner is a safe, powerful cleaner for removing various adhesives. ECO Cleaner cleans and greases (plaster) scissors, instruments, sinks and countertops. It removes stickers, glue (residues), ink, paint, polyester, resin, sealant and tar.

Problems with intensive cleaning? Use ECO Cleaner!

  • For the removal of adhesives, sealants, paint residues, etc., one often needs very harmful solvents (such as methylene chloride, NMP or NEP).
  • Also to remove inks, harmful and aggressive solvents with a low flash point and/or a high vapour pressure are often used.
  • Rapid evaporation of these solvents creates a harmful working environment due to high concentrations in the air and can therefore contribute to O.P.S. (Organo Psycho Syndrome or “painter’s disease”).
  • Heavy industrial contaminants such as tar and bitumen are often removed with aromatic solvents, which are carcinogenic.
  • Contaminated machines and instruments offer a particularly unkempt appearance.
  • Contaminants can cause material degradation and downtime of business processes.
  • Cleaning maintenance is normally very labour-intensive and therefore costly.

Why use ECO Cleaner cleaner?

Why use ECO Cleaner cleaner?

After intensive research, we have succeeded in developing an easily biodegradable product, to quickly and efficiently remove all kinds of contaminants. The use of ECO Cleaner results in a cleaner, safer and more enjoyable way of working and is it safe
alternative to products based on methylene chloride, NMP or NEP.

What is the best way to use ECO Cleaner?

ECO Cleaner heeft een inwerking op diverse ondergronden, daarom adviseren wij om eerst te testen op een minder zichtbare plaats, alvorens het product definitief toe te passen. ECO Cleaner wordt normaal gesproken puur toegepast. Dat kan via een spray of via dompelen. Bij verwarming van het product zal de oplosbaarheid t.o.v. oliën en vetten toenemen.