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✔ Learn how to give substantiated advice
✔ How you measure braces
✔ All options and methods of orthopedic
putting resources into practice
✔ When to use which brace
✔ Explanation from a specialist

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E-learning certainly makes sense and is useful for store employees to advise the brace aid on customer complaints/problems.


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Correct use of orthopedic devices is of great importance in patient care. Lomed’s online courses provide you with the tools to increase your knowledge in the field of orthopedic aids and to optimize the use of orthopedic aids in your practice.

All courses have been developed in consultation with physiotherapists and hand therapists who have been familiar with the orthopedic aids for years.

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Fun and educational training. Just too much info for me that was too medical. That makes it hard to remember things.


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