Earn accreditation points? Take a workshop at Lomed!

Lomed Nederland would like to share all her knowledge and expertise with the practitioner. That is why we organise various workshops and trainings in our training centre throughout the year. If desired, we will also come to you on location. Ask about the possibilities.

Workshops Lomed

Below you will find information about the workshops offered by Lomed Netherlands. These workshops will take place in the autumn of 2021.


Workshop including immobilizing phasing phasing, Oval 8, Mallet splint, CMC immobilization splint, Yoke, thumb-wrist splint and more.

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Static Splints

Workshop with basic principles, pattern drawing, Mallet splint,
CMC-1 splint, resting splint, thumb-wrist splint and more.

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Mobilizing Splints

Workshop as a follow-up to the static splints workshop. With, among other things, redressing splint for wrist, fingers and thumb, splint for post-treatment. Dupuytren and more.

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Accreditation points physio

As a physiotherapist, you must earn 120 accreditation points within 5 years. Lomed Nederland has been active for 7 years in providing accredited workshops for physiotherapists, hand therapists and occupational therapists. The workshops are held in our own learning centre. It is also possible to get a training on location. The workshops are accredited with approximately 6.5 points. This depends on your profession. Our workshops take place twice a year, in the spring and autumn. Are you not yet registered for our newsletter and would you like to stay up to date with the latest news about the workshops? Meld u hier aan!!