Workshop Orficast 28 and 30 September 2021

Are you ready to increase your product knowledge about Orficast? We would like to share all our knowledge and expertise about this product with the practitioner. The workshop is designed for hand, physio and occupational therapists who would like to learn the basics about Orficast.

✔ Practice-oriented in a small group
✔ Earn 6 accreditation points
✔ Theoretical explaining for different splint techniques
Interactive and very educational
✔ Explanation from an Orficast product specialist

Number of accreditation points:

EN: 6 KNGF: 6



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28 September 2021 FULL September 30, 2021

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Interesting easy to use material, good clear explanation with enough time to actually make splints, even if it is outside the standard splints.

Danny Koekkelkoren / Fysiotherapie de Meierij

What the workshop day looks like?

The Orficast course day is mainly practical. After a brief introduction to the students and theoretical explanations of the different types of techniques, the group of participants is divided up. The rest of the day is practiced with making various types of splints. During the Orficast workshop, the following splints will be discussed. Full Finger wrap, Malletspalk, Oval-8, Yoke, Immobilizing phasing phasator, CMC-1 immobilization splint, Thumb-wrist splint, Own input is possible in consultation.

Orficast workshop photo impression

Questions and answers

Are the workshops accredited?

Yes, the workshops are accredited by various institutes. Think of: KNGF, ADAP, Keurmerk and VGNED.

At the moment our workshops for 16 people per day can be followed.

The workshop is suitable for every level; the level of the participant in question will be taken into account as much as possible for each participant. We also ask about the level of experience when registering. This allows the teachers to take it into account in advance. During this workshop, both splints of thermoplastic sheet material and Orficast will pass by. We strive to offer the knowledge broadly.

Yes! Lunch will be provided on both days. When ordering your tickets, you can leave your dietary requirements.

On both days the workshop Orficast starts at 09.30 am and we end at 4.00 pm.