Lomed has been a reliable partner for high quality, a wide range, fast delivery and good service for over 30 years. Lomed is both nationally and internationally familiar with the distribution of orthopaedic products and tool of the major brands. Based on demand from various markets, Lomed also develops its own products.

Lomed has her own learning center. Here we provide various training courses and workshops for clients and practitioners in order to be able to share our expertise and knowledge.

Customers and suppliers place more and more value on sustainability, which is why we do business sustainably. Think of products with a sustainability claim, improving the business and unburdening customers. In addition, Lomed is environmentally conscious, green and we take into account people, the environment and society.

If you would like to have insight into our policy statement, you can request it from info@lomed.com

Lomed is based in the Netherlands, in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Environmentally conscious

Lomed lives green and we are proud of that! Since we are in our new building we are a lot more environmentally conscious as an organization. Think of lighting that is activated by motion switches, equipment with an energy efficient label, waste separation and of course as little printing as possible.

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iso certification

For us, quality and safety are very important. We do not delve into this once, but this remains an ongoing process. In this way we can guarantee a constant care for safety and quality. A quality system has also been developed for this purpose, below an overview of our certificates:

  • ISO Certificate 13485:2016
  • ISO Certificate 9001:2015
  • ISO Certificate 14001:2015


Lomed takes his responsibility in society more than seriously. Lomed lives green, environmentally conscious and takes into account the environment, people and society. Lomed offers opportunities, such as products with a sustainability claim, improving the business and unburdening our customers.

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