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Buy high quality bandage scissors?

High quality bandage scissors are of great importance to experts. For example, bandage scissors that are sharp, strong and easy to use make work a lot simpler and safer. This is because good scissors provide more control during use. For that reason, Lomed only sells high quality scissors such as those from Orfit and Ez caster. These are two brands that meet our high standards, imposed by our own specialists.

Looking for bandage scissors with name?

Would you like bandage scissors with a name? Are you interested in putting your practice name on your scissors, organizing your instruments better or giving bandage scissors as a gift to a loved one? At Lomed you can have a name put on the bandage scissors to answer your problems or to appear more professional.

Have your bandage scissors engraved

At Lomed bandage scissors are engraved by hand by craftsmen with years of experience and knowledge. This assures you of good quality and a long shelf life. You can have everything placed on the scissors as you wish. For example, would you like to have your own name, the names of your colleagues or the name of your practice put on the scissors? Feel free to contact with one of our specialists or customer service to make your wish a reality.

Bandage scissors for left-handers?

Are you left-handed but only have right-handed scissors at your disposal or have you been looking for left-handed scissors for a while? Lomed also offers professional bandage scissors for left-handers to ensure comfort and quality for everyone. [/ col]
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