Splint material

Splint material With the splint material from Lomed it is possible to limit the movement of joints. A splint is regularly used for injuries in the hands and wrists. A splint promotes recovery from the injury. The range consists of various materials such as Orficast, sheet materials, thermoplastic pre-cuts, padding materials and Neoprene. Instruments such as dynamic splint supplies and depletion equipment can also be found in the range.

Thermoplastic splint material from Orfit

The Lomed range consists of different types of thermoplastic splint materials. Orficast is a unique orthopedic material on a roll. The material is easy to use and comfortable for the patient. The sheet material range consists of materials from the Orfit brand. All these materials have a special function that help in the recovery of an injury. The padding material offers the possibility to fill inequalities so that the pressure is better distributed at every location. Neoprene is also part of the range. Neoprene is an elastomer or synthetic rubber used to make a splint.

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Spalkmateriaal van orfit
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Our range meets the wishes of every hand therapist

With knowledge and experience in the field of hand therapy, we would like to think along about the use of the right products. Our specialists set high standards for the quality of the products. That is why Lomed only has top brands in its range. The brands we work with in the field of hand therapy are Orfit and Push braces , known from the Push Ortho CMC thumb brace, among others. We are the exclusive distributors of these brands.

Hand therapy splint material workshops are also given at Lomed

Every year, workshops are given to hand therapists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists in our own learning center. During these workshops we learn a lot from each other. We will discuss new ways of splinting and also teach you what the possibilities are with Orficast or Neoprene. Curious about the workshops? Read one of our blog posts !

Heating splint material is easy with our water bowls

Besides the material, other instruments are also needed to make a good splint. Consider, for example, instruments such as scissors, ruler or marker, these are necessary for making a splint. When making a dynamic splint, you need a number of specific supplies, each of which has a different function, there are different types of orphitubes that can be adapted to a specific complaint. The right equipment is also indispensable when it comes to splints. In our range there are various water trays, dry heaters and heat guns from the Orfit brand.