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Orficast is a unique, textile-like, thermoplastic orthopedic manufacturing material in a roll. The material offers high comfort to the patients and is easy to use. The great diversity in widths and thicknesses offers the opportunity to treat a wide range of pathologies and to apply different orthotic designs. The range consists of Orficast and Orficast More. Both materials are from the Orfit brand.

Properties of Orficast

Orficast thermoplastic material is available on a roll of three meters. The material has excellent elasticity in two directions. Orficast can be adjusted as needed and consists of a thin and breathable fabric-like material that is easy to cut. In addition, the material is self-adhesive, especially when heated dry. Orficast is available in different colors and sizes.

How Orficast works

The material is on a roll. This makes round wrapping and forming techniques easy. This means that no patterns need to be made, which saves time. Orficast is suitable for large and small orthoses. The wider Orficast More can be used to design a volar or dorsal plate or a circumferential orthosis. The material is lightweight and breathable. With this, excellent comfort can be offered to the patient.

Recommended Uses

Orficast and Orficast More are excellent for use in orthopedic conditions that require quick and easy orthotics. This thermoplastic material from Orfit is recommended as a first aid for immobilization and stabilization after injury. Static and progressive orthoses are used to restore the range of motion of smaller joints. Orficast can be used for all types of immobilization for the finger, wrist, hand and orthotics beyond the wrist or even an ankle brace.