Ergonomic plaster table for your plaster room

Ergonomic plaster table in your practice blog

Lomed Nederland offers ergonomically sound plaster tables from its own brand EZ Caster for use in the plaster room and in the emergency department. In this blog post we will discuss the advantages that an EZ Caster plaster table can offer and why an ergonomic treatment table is important for you and your employees.

Ergonomically sound working

With EZ Caster ergonomic plaster tables, you and your employees are assured of a safe and healthy working environment. Thanks to this adjustable treatment table, you can always carry out your work in the right position. The optimal adjustment options of the plaster table give you the guarantee that all users can set the most ergonomic working height for them. All gypsum and/or treatment tables are CE certified and therefore belong to the safety class 2 type B.

Specially designed for and by plaster cast masters

To ensure that the operation of the plaster table is as easy as possible, we have developed our plaster and dressing tables in consultation with plaster cast masters. In this way we know for sure that you can work ergonomically responsible and that this plaster table meets the wishes of you and your employees.

Plaster table is fully adjustable

The EZ-Caster plaster table is fully adjustable with two separately motorized lifting columns and various adjustment options of the individual parts. This allows the user to optimally adjust the plaster table for a correct working posture and to bring the patient into the most pleasant treatment position possible.

EZ Caster Gipstafel

Accessories for your plaster table also available

We not only supply the plaster table itself, but you can also contact us for the accessories. You can contact us for, among other things, a cover, so that your treatment table remains clean and undamaged. In addition, you have the option to purchase an extra pillow for the plaster table. A padding support is also one of Lomed’s optional accessories.

Expands your plaster table

The EZ-Caster plaster table can be expanded with various accessories, made of high-quality, and carefully produced stainless steel. Commonly used accessories are the Traction control, the upper armrests and pelvic supports. With these accessories, the plaster table can be used even more widely and meets the expectations of the demanding user.

View all accessories in our plaster table brochure below


Discover all the colour options of the EZ Caster Gypsum Table.

Kleurenschema EZ Caster Gipstafel

Plaster table available in different colours

Often the color of the upholstery of a plaster or dressing table is the same. Not with us! The upholstery is made of leather and we supply it in more than 50 different colors. For more information, please contact one of our specialists.

Advantages of an EZ Caster Plaster Table

The EZ Caster Gypsum Table has properties that characterize the product. These advantages make this treatment table a unique treatment bench that distinguishes it from similar models. The advantages of this ergonomic plaster table can be found below.

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