Five reasons to opt for a Novak M treatment table


Looking for a treatment table that really suits your needs? We give you 5 reasons why you should choose Novak M research, massage or therapy table and no other.

1. Treatment tables with an award-winning design

Research, massage and therapy tables from the S-line series have won the Red Dot Design Award 2020. The simple and sleek design combined with the exceptional functionality provides full support to practitioners and their patients.

Why would you choose a Novak treatment table?

A Novak M treatment table is an added value for any room, whether it’s a general practice, clinic, physiotherapy practice or a wellness or massage studio.

Red dot winner 2020

2. Made from sustainable materials

Novak M has over 40 years of experience in the manufacture of treatment tables and this can be seen in the S-line series. The construction of this treatment table is made of powder-coated steel tubes. This makes the tables perfectly stable and durable, but also ensures that the table lasts a long time. The filling is made of two-layer, highly flexible, quickly repairable foam and coated with high-quality artificial leather intended for medical use. This combination ensures unparalleled comfort for the patient.

3. Ergonomic perfection

All table models are electrically or hydraulically adjustable in height between 46 and 94 cm. Tables have two, three, four or even eight parts to ensure different patient positions during treatments. With this extensive possibility of institutions, the Novak M treatment table meets the needs of each individual practitioner and also protects their health.


4. Tables with exceptional durability

When you buy a treatment table for your practice, you want to make sure it’s a sustainable investment. A table is not a small thing that can be easily adapted or replaced. The expected lifespan of Novak M’s research, therapy and massage tables is 10 years.

5. Customize your table completely

The research, therapy or massage table you choose must meet all your professional needs and personal preferences. In the online configurator of Novak M you can choose with just a few clicks the table that comes with all the necessary accessories and in beautiful colors.