Gypsum scissors for left-handers

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A good gypsum scissors or scissors is indispensable in any practice, care institution or hospital. It is very important that the scissors that are used in your practice can really be used by everyone. That is why we also have plaster or bandage shears for left-handers in the Lomed range.

Gypsum scissors available for left-handers

At Lomed it is possible to order left- and right-handed scissors. Are you left-handed, but do you only have right-handed scissors at your disposal or have you been looking for left-handed scissors for a while? Then you’ve come to the right place. Lomed also offers professional bandage scissors for left-handers to ensure comfort and quality to everyone Because the blade of the EZ Caster plaster caster is made of stainless steel, these scissors last longer.

How many people are left-handed?

Discover more information in this infographic about how many people are left-handed and what role heredity plays in this.

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Advantages of plaster scissors for left-handers

A good plaster shear is very important in the work as a plaster cast master. Especially for left-handers, a lick-handed plaster scissors offers great advantages, compared to a universal plaster scissors. This way you can be sure that you carry out your work in an ergonomically responsible way. In addition, these scissors are easier to use compared to universal scissors. Also cutting with left-handed scissors will be a lot easier with a left-handed plaster scissors for you.

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Plaster shears for experts

It is very important that experts work with high-quality bandage shears. For example, a bandage scissors that are sharp, strong and easy to use make the work a lot simpler and safer. This is because a good pair of scissors gives more control during the cutting of the bandage. For that reason, our range only consists of high-quality scissors. All scissors meet our high standards, imposed and used by our own specialists.

The plaster scissors offer more possibilities than just plaster cutting

Scissors are not only ideal for cutting plasters and bandages but also suitable for cutting various types of (polster) material or (thermoplastic) tape. All gypsum and bandage shears are made of high-quality stainless steel and can be engraved by us if desired.

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Assortment of scissors at Lomed

At Lomed we offer various plaster and bandage shears. All according to the strict requirements of our own specilaists. In our range you will find plaster shears, bandage shears, products for cleaning and other tools for your practice. In addition to EZ Caster, we also offer products from Orfit,among others.

Advantages of EZ Caster plaster shears

The EZ Caster gypsum scissors have properties that characterize the product. These advantages make the product a unique gypsum scissors that distinguishes it from similar models. The advantages of the plaster scissors can be found below.

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