Is the BioSkin ankle brace the ideal sports brace?


An ideal sports brace for the ankle provides sufficient protection and support to prevent further injury. BioSkin’s STO ankle brace, for example, not only provides protection and support but also helps reduce pain after a sprain. Due to its slim fit, the STO ankle brace is indeed the ideal sports brace and fits easily into any (sports) shoe.

Why BioSkin is the ideal ankle brace

Sports braces are available in different levels of support. From light support to prevent an injury to heavier support if you want to start exercising again after an injury. A sports brace is suitable for problems with the ankle such as instability, moderate to severe pain but also with sprains / sprains and other ankle injuries. An ankle brace such as the BioSkin STO ankle brace offers maximum protection.

For which indications can the STO be used?

  • Ligament injury
  • Torn ankle ligament
  • Hypermobility
  • Instability
  • Overload
  • Tendonitis
  • Sprain or sprain
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Does BioSkin STO ankle brace offer a solution for a sprained ankle?

Do you suffer from a sprained ankle? By choosing a sports brace, one not only gets better support, but the light compression ensures that the joint can recover better and faster. Even after spraining the ankle, the STO is therefore an ideal brace. Even with more serious ankle injuries, this brace still provides sufficient stability.

STO sports brace from BioSkin makes sports possible

Do you want to pick up your sport again? With the STO ankle brace it is possible to gradually build up sports. The ankle brace consists of a basic compression bandage for improved posture. The non-elastic bands provide extra support and provide protection against inward and outward rotation of the ankle. In this way, the ankle ligaments can recover and will reduce pain and swelling so that you can resume exercising in a responsible way.


Suitable for sports such as football, tennis and running

  • Can be used both under and over the sock and sits comfortably.
  • The STO ankle brace has excellent heat and perspiration regulation.
  • Keep moving in a safe way.
  • Functionality, coordination and strength of the muscles are maintained.