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Are you looking for a treatment table for your physiotherapy practice? Novak M’s treatment benches from the S-line series have won the Red Dot Design Award 2020. The tables offer full support for both practitioners and their patients. The combination of the simple, sleek design and exceptional functionality ensures that a Novak M treatment table is an added value for any (physiotherapy) practice.

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A (new) treatment table is a big investment, so it is important that the treatment bank is fully in line with your needs. Novak M massage and therapy tables can be customized to your own liking. In terms of layout, accessories and colour, the possibilities are endless. A Novak M treatment table can easily be assembled yourself through the online configuration. When buying a treatment table, one has to make a choice.

Massagetafel en therapietafel

Where to choose between:

  • Massage or therapy table
  • Number of parts of the table
  • Width of the treatment table
  • Height adjustment type
  • Accessories
  • Color
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To help you choose the right treatment table, we’ve put everything together for you

Step 1: Choose the model treatment table: massage table or (physio) therapy table?

When choosing the right model treatment table, it is important what type of treatments one is going to perform on the table. Depending on the treatment, you will need a number of different settings.

What is an important institution for physiotherapy?

For example, an important institution for physiotherapy is the Pli institution. Then it means that the middle part of the table can be raised in a kind of ‘roof position’.

Novak M’s therapy tables have many settings

Including the ability to put the leg part down at an angle. Is a Pli setting not required but, for example, only massage treatments are performed on the treatment bench? Then a massage table from Novak M might be enough.


Step 2: Choose the number of parts that should make up the treatment table

Depending on the treatments to be performed, one can determine how many parts the treatment table should consist of. You can imagine that an 8-piece treatment table gives endless setting possibilities during a treatment,

But do you need all these settings?

By thinking carefully about which treatments will be carried out, you can easily determine how many parts are sufficient for you.


Which option is chosen the most?

A 3-piece treatment table together with the synchronous moving main part is the most chosen treatment table for physiotherapy. The 3-piece chassis offers the practitioner the possibility to place the patient in a long-seated position in addition to a reclining position.

Why the three-part main part?

The three-part main section contributes to relaxed shoulders, neck and back when the patient is lying on the abdomen. Both armrests are adjustable in sync at the same time. The adjustment mechanism is integrated into the frame, giving unobstructed access to the patient even in the case of treatments sitting at the main area.


Watch a short video about the massage tables and research treatment benches

Step 3 Choose the right width of the treatment table

The width of the treatment bench is chosen on the basis of the purpose for which the table will be used. But the length of the practitioner can also play a role in this. A wider table is most comfortable for the patient.

Novak M TTS3 treatment table

How’s this for the practitioner?

For the practitioner, on the other hand, with a broader treatment table it may be a little more difficult to reach the patient everywhere. So if it is important to be able to treat closer to the patient, then it might be wiser to opt for a narrower treatment bank.

Step 4 Choose the correct height adjustment for your treatment bank

All massage and therapy treatment tables of Novak M have an electrical height adjustment. An electric treatment bench is powered by an engine and is operated by lever, foot pedal or even hand switch.

What is the difference between electric and hydraulic?

Novak M’s electric treatment table is characterised by stability, user-friendliness and comfort. The height adjustment is located at the base of the table and is easy to operate with the foot, so one has the hands free for the treatment. The unique ‘Circular Swith’ is easy to operate from all sides of the table.


Would you like to buy a hydraulically adjustable treatment table? Check out our range of research tables. Unlike the electric treatment table, a hydraulic examination bank does not need power to be adjusted in height. By means of a foot switch, the practitioner can easily move the hydraulic table up or down.

Step 5 Choose the accessories that suit your needs

By default, all therapy and massage tables are equipped with a breathing hole with a matching plug and the circular switch. In addition, different accessories are available for each table.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from

  • 3-part main part
  • Paper roll holder
  • PVC cover for the leg part
  • Hand switch
  • Safety switch
  • Battery backup

Step 6 Choose the color that suits you best

Colors can contribute to your patient’s relaxed feeling. Because the patients are received in the treatment room, a treatment bank also determines the look and feel of the practice and thus of the entire physiotherapy practice. All Novak M treatment tables are lined with high-quality artificial leather and an 8 cm thick comfortable foam filling.

Choice of more than 35 colours


Depending on your personal preference, you can therefore compose the treatment table to your liking and possibly expand it with additional accessories. You can easily do all this through the online configuration available for each table. Can’t you get out? Feel free to call for personal and expert advice. Our employees are always there for you.

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