Orficast Full Finger Wrap (phasker)

The Full Finger Wrap is an easy and versatile orthotic that can be made in just a few minutes. It quickly immobilizes the affected finger and puts it in a position for healing. This orthotic is suitable for all fingers, including the thumb but also for the toes.

A winding orthotic can be used for various indications, from sprains to fractures, but is also very suitable for serial casting. Use the following tips and directions while making orthotics for the best results.

How to make a Full finger wrap (phasker) of the orficast tape?

We recommend using 3 cm for this orthotic Orficast. The tape-like properties make it easy to wrap the material effectively around the affected finger and hold it in place. Follow the instructions carefully and make sure that the orthotic does not become too thick or too bulky.

Step 1

Take a piece of Orficast of 3 cm of about 20-22 cm long. Activate it in hot water and pat dry briefly, retaining most of the heat.

Step 2

Now start by wrapping the material around the finger. Start distal at the fingertip and anchor the first wrap around the next layer of material. Wrap in an angle and overlap the previous layer by 50%.

Continue wrapping as one would, for example, with edema control. Finish at the web space and attach the corners of the Orficast to the underlying layer.

Step 3

Make sure the surface of the Wrap is smooth. Rub the wrapped material with your fingers to attach all layers together.

Step 4

Now the finger can be placed in the desired extended position. Keep the MCP joint curved and keep the PIP within the maximum permissible end range by keeping it under the distal fingertip. Do not press the dorsal PIP joint.

The DIP joint may or may not be included in the orthotic.

How do you use a phasker for serial casting?

A series of static orthotics hold a stiff joint or tightly shortened tissue in the final position to increase the passive range of motion or tissue length.

Every few days or even once a week, the orthotic is removed and the treatment is carried out on the stiff or contracted joint. A new orthotic is then added to the patient in a new final position.

Remove the pha inflation phase

It is advisable to first let the patient try for themselves if they can remove the Full Finger Wrap. Let them pull a little on the orthotic after it has hardened, perhaps the orthotic will come off by itself.

If not, the orthotic can easily be cut to one side with small curved scissors or gypsum scissors. If necessary, the patient can soak the finger in warm water for about 15 minutes and then try to pull the orthotic off. The warm water loosens the orthotic slightly, but does not change the shape.

This article was written by Debby Schwartz, Physical Rehabilitation Product and Educational Specialist at Orfit Industries America.

Debby is a certified hand therapist with more than 36 years of clinical experience. She completed her Doctorate in Occupational Therapy at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions in 2010. She has worked at Orfit Industries America since 2007 as a product and education specialist.

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