The Squegg – The smart grip trainer for hand and occupational therapy

Measure, track and improve grip strength with a fun factor


✔ Features an ergonomic design
✔ Similar in size to a golf ball
Track progress through the Squegg app
✔ Latest way of grip training
✔ Specially designed for hand therapy
✔ Can be used anywhere
✔ Fully adjustable to your client’s wishes
Alternate exercises in the app

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80 hours

At full capacity

2 hours

Recharged in 2 hours


Latest technique grip training

The Squegg is small and easy to carry. I would recommend anyone who wants a solid grip to get one now. Easy to use for all age groups.

Nigel Buckland / Happy Squegg user

Quick recovery of the hand

The Squegg is used for hand therapy, high blood pressure prevention and relaxation applications. The Squegg results in an easier and faster recovery from hand problems and improved patient compliance due to a higher involvement and fun factor. Also, these exercises result in significant improvement in blood pressure levels.

What can Squegg be used for?

De Squegg is prescribed by physiotherapists, occupational therapists and hand therapists for various hand conditions such as fractures, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, nerve impingement, congenital defects, De Quervain’s and tension.

General practitioners and specialists see benefits in improving blood pressure.

Squegg volledige set

Isometric Exercises for Better Health

According to a study published in the Harvard Newsletter, people who practiced grip training showed a 14-point drop in their systolic blood pressure.

American Heart Association recommends a daily 12-minute training session of Squegg hand-held isometric exercises that can help optimize blood pressure. The Squegg also comes with a mobile app for tracking grip levels accurately.

Squegg overzicht

Significantly lowers blood pressure

A study conducted by McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, proves the reduction in blood pressure in subjects who regularly engaged in grip exercises for eight weeks. This type of isometric exercise reprograms how the nervous system regulates a person’s blood pressure.


Experiences with Squegg

Fun while exercising

One patient in our clinic worked on improving grip strength and hand function after surgery. She was enthusiastic about using the Squegg and having fun while exercising.

Wouter van Ghent

Smart device

One of the unique inventions I’ve ever come across is the Squegg. A smart device that measures, monitors and improves your grip strength through engaging games.

Corrine S.

Product videos about the Squegg

Find out more about the Squegg. in the videos, in our digital learning center, the Squegg is extensively discussed. Here you can find a step-by-step explanation about the possibilities of the Squegg, how the Squegg works and how the app can be used together with the Squegg.

Click on the Squegg logo and discover even more informative videos!

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Questions and answers

The Squegg companion app is the tool you use to evaluate your grip, track your progress, and improve it with interactive activities. You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play.


  • Android 4.4 and above
  • iOS 8.0 or later

Turn on Bluetooth on your phone. Open the app. Squeeze the Squegg to pair according to the on-screen instructions. The Squegg vibrates gently when paired.

Note: If you have an Android device, please enable your mobile’s GPS (enable location services) – this is an Android requirement. Rest assured, the Squegg does not use your location in any way. You can disable location services after pairing.

The Squegg comes with a charger in the box.

1. Connect the USB end of your power cable to a power supply with a USB port.
2. Connect the other end of your power cord, the jack plug, to the Squegg’s charging port – on the side marked “DC”. Make sure the jack is firmly and correctly installed.
3. To check if charging was successful, squeeze your SQUEGG for 3 seconds and wait for it to vibrate.

It takes less than 2 hours to fully charge. A full charge gives you 160 days of standby time and 80 uninterrupted working hours.

The Squegg has a silicone outer layer that protects the high-tech sensors inside. For this reason, dirt will have a hard time adhering to it. If it gets dirty, you can simply wipe it off with a damp cloth. You can also clean it with some disinfectant.

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