Steve Glide Clipper is the new pulling aid on the market

Steve clipper pull-on assist-new

Are you looking for pull-on assistance in the form of a sliding bag? Completely new is the Steve Glide Clipper! This clever patented pulling aid is a reinvention of the Steve Glide Dolphin. In short, it has all the properties you want from a pulling aid!

When can you use the pulling aid?

The Steve Glide Clipper can be used with stockings with open and closed toe. This glide is removed after putting on the stocking above, instead of pulling on 1 loop at the level of the toes. The Glide OFF is also very usable with the Clipper, so the client can also easily take off the stocking.

What makes Steve Glide Clipper the ultimate pulling aid?

✔ New way of putting on with a sliding bag.
✔ Most recent, self-developed pulling aid.
✔ Smart clip closure with handy elastic handle.
✔ Very helpful and comfortable pulling aid.
✔ Suitable for all elastic stockings.
✔ Sliding Bag independently and effortlessly.

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