This is how you clean and care for the upholstery of your therapy table


In addition to clients in your massage studio or physiotherapy practice, the upholstery of your treatment table also needs some simple care. Read some tips for taking care of the upholstery to maintain its beautiful appearance.

How to keep the new upholstery

It is advisable to take care of the upholstery of your examination table regularly. This prevents leather from cracking and staining. Regular care of the upholstery extends the service life.

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Protect the lining of your treatment bench

Cover the padded top of your treatment bench before treatment with a sheet, towel or paper from the paper roll holder. The latter can be mounted under the head or leg section and in some models on the base of the table. A PVC cover for the leg section is also available to provide additional protection for the upholstery in case patients do not take off their shoes.

Guaranteed high-quality materials

The upholstery of a Novak M treatment table is made of high-quality artificial leather, which is guaranteed by our suppliers.

In addition to fire and water resistance, the artificial leather is also very resistant to blood, urine, disinfectants, salt water, UV rays, microorganisms and fungi.

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How do you disinfect the treatment table?

Before disinfection, clean the padded top of the electric treatment table and let it dry completely. After using disinfectant wipe with a clean wet cloth.

Regular cleaning

To maintain the new look of the fabric for as long as possible, we recommend cleaning the upholstery of your massage table regularly. Use a mixture of soap and water and wipe with a microfiber cloth. For more stubborn stains, wash it with a soft brush or sponge.

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Cleaning the treatment table with warm water

The water should not be warmer than 50°C and the mixture should not contain more than 10% soap. Then rinse with clean water and let dry. Blood stains and residues of massage oils and lotions can leave stains, therefore they should be removed as soon as possible. Use cold water for blood stains and PH-neutral soap for oils. Do not use cleaning agents, abrasives, strong soaps, bleach or abrasives so as not to damage the upholstery.

Advantages of Novak M treatment table

The Novak M has features that characterize the product. These advantages make the product a unique treatment bench that distinguishes it from similar models. The advantages of this electric treatment table can be found below.

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