Workshop Mobilizing splints

Workshop mobilizing splints Lomed

Every year we organize various workshops for plaster cast masters, physiotherapists, hand therapists and occupational therapists.

The workshop Mobilizing Splints is mainly practice-oriented. After a brief introduction to the students and theoretical explanations of the different types of techniques, the group of participants is divided up. The rest of the day is practiced in the manufacture of various types of splints.

Let’s start with a bit of theory

As with any workshop, we start with a piece of theory after that we have met each other. During the theory, we deal with the materials we’re going to use. An explanation is given as to why we use the materials and for what. We also take a hand, hand folds, hand arches and their position.

Getting started with practice

During the workshop the following topics will be discussed: Purpose redressing and indication, theory and physiology behind redressing, build-up in intensity (from light to heavy redression), practical; tensing directions, pulleys and angles, types of splints and materials to be used (e.g. fishing wire or elastic, plaster), pathologies: Luxation pip/dip with flexion contracture or extension deficit, tendon injury; early active/belittling and Dupuytren.

Time for lunch!

After the hard work, a fully catered lunch will be ready for you at about 12:30. During lunch you can relax in our lounge while enjoying a delicious fresh sandwich with various toppings and tasty drinks. After the break we continue with the practice.

End of workshop

At the end of the workshop there will be an evaluation moment. We would like to know what you thought of it. What did you find interesting? What would you like to see next time? Tips are always welcome!

Before you leave after the instructive day, everyone will receive a well-filled goodie bag with which you can get started right away. Also important to remember are the 6.5 accreditation points (the points depend on profession) with which the day is rewarded!

Advantages of the workshop Mobilizing splints

Discover the benefits of participating in the Mobilizing Splints workshop for your practice and your employees.

Registration Mobilizing Splints
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