Workshop Neopreen spring 2020

Neoprene Workshop

An educational and practical workshop!

On 5 March 2020, the Neopreen workshop took place at Lomed Netherlands. Every year we organise workshops in our own training centre or on location. (Workshop on location? Contact us)

The Neopreen workshop is given by our sales & product specialist and physiotherapist Simone Dillen. She does this together with hand therapist Hanneke Rutten. The day kicks off with a brief introduction to Lomed Netherlands, what we do and what we stand for. Lomed Nederland is a distributor of European and American brands, in which products are also developed in our own production centre.

Start Workshop Neopreen with a piece of theory

After a brief introduction start to deal with a number of theoretical aspects of the material. What exactly is it, what are the properties and indications. Neoprene can be used for contract hours, osteoarthritis and rheumatism. We also discuss the necessities of a splint.

Getting started with practice

Now that everyone is familiar with the material and its indications can start with the practical part of the day. First of all, we’re working out a roadmap. After this, we continue with the CMC splint. Between noon, at 12:30, a delicious lunch will be waiting for you. During lunch you can enjoy a delicious fresh sandwich in our lounge.

Time for a break!

After lunch we continue with the practical exercises. We’ll get started with the palm protector and triggerfinger splint. This splint is mainly used in Carpaal Tunnel syndrome. You can choose between a splint with or without a thumb.

End of workshop Neopreen

At the end of the workshop we would like to hear what you thought. What was most interesting and what you would want to do differently next time. After the evaluation, everyone receives a well-stocked goodie bag with all the essentials to get started right away. All participants also receive 6.5 accreditation points! (Number of points depends on the profession)


Questions or interest? Contact us!

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