Is the buddy splint seen as an ideal finger splink?

Let’s say you’re busy working behind the laptop. The fingers need a break, but you want to finish the last part of the assignment. At that moment, the finger becomes so overloaded that it makes a wrong movement of itself. The wrong move results in a bruised finger. This causes a lot of pain and irritation, but how do you treat this?

The Pro-Orthic Buddy Splint is an effective and quick solution

The Buddy Splint is a finger splint that helps with finger injuries. The splint guarantees protection and support in a fast, effective and comfortable way. For example, actions where the finger is located can be performed with a safer feeling.

What makes the finger splint so unique?

  • The finger splint is easy to apply and cheaper in the long run than taping.
  • The buddy splint is also available as a toe splint.
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Benefits of the Buddy Splint finger splink

The Buddy Splint, the alternative of the Buddy Loops, has features that characterize the product. These advantages makes the product a unique finger splint that makes it stand out from similar models. The benefits of the splint can be found below.

How do you build the Buddy Splint independently?

It is easy to lay the splint independently. This is one of the many advantages that the product brings. How does this work? You can read that below.

  1. Start by sliding the cuff over the injured finger.
  2. Skip the long section or under the adjacent UNinjured finger.
  3. Then beat the long section over the injured finger and stick the Velcro on the cuff.
  4. Finally, make sure that the finger splint is not too tight. This is to prevent further pain and/or swelling.

Buddy Splint is manufactured on his own location

The Buddy Splint comes from our own brand Pro-Orthic. The resulting products are composed by knowledge and skills of our own specialists. The finger splint is manufactured in its own location from the

Head office in the Netherlands

In this, our employees are constantly producing the finger splint on their own. In this way, the Buddy Splint is tailor-made for all our customers.

We supply exclusively the Buddy Splint and not the buddy loop

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