Now have your gypsum scissors or bandage scissors engraved with your (company) name

Gypsum scissor-engraving

A good gypsum scissors or scissors is indispensable in any practice, care institution or hospital. All gypsum and bandage shears are made of high-quality stainless steel and can be engraved by us if desired.

What are the advantages of scissors with a name on them?

Especially in large practices and hospitals, scissors sometimes get lost. How nice is it when one always knows which gypsum scissors? Because each specialist has their own preference and way of cutting, it is nice to have their own scissors.

Have your scissors engraved

So that your scissors are always recognizable to yourself and to others. A personal engraving also makes the scissors less susceptible to theft or mix-up.

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Verbandschaar graveren

Put your own (company) name on the plaster scissors

To make a pair of scissors recognizable, it is possible to have your own name or company name engraved on the scissors. Of course, an engraved (bandage) scissors is also ideal as a personal gift.

Provided by Lomed

The engravings are carried out by our own craftsmen themselves, so the scissors are always ready quickly and you therefore have no extra delivery time when the desired scissors are in stock. Engraved scissors are ideal for use in healthcare.

“If you buy a plaster or bandage scissors from us, we will engrave them for free for you!”

Are you left-handed? Even then you can order an engraved pair of scissors.

Also when you are left-handed we have a number of (plaster) bandage shears in the range. Scissors especially for left-handers is also an indispensable part of your instrumentation and is suitable for easy cutting of (bandage) materials.

A tip from us

Often one chooses to have “left-handed” or “left-handed” engraved on these special scissors. In this way, one always has to get the right scissors, because for a right-hander it is not nice to cut with left-handed scissors. Pay close attention to which scissors you are going to buy.


Why the Bruns plaster cast scissors are highly recommended!

The Bruns plaster cast scissors are a professional bandage shear especially suitable for cutting classic and synthetic plasters as soft-cast, bandage and Orficast. The Bruns scissors are made of high quality stainless steel and has a blunt end so that one can cut close to the skin. Both scissor blades have been completed to prevent injuries.

Avoid thumb problems

The Bruns plaster cast scissors come with spring to prevent thumb complaints. This spring can be easily removed if desired. Specialists with limited hand strength or smaller hands often find smaller scissors to work more hand-in-hand and more pleasant. That’s why the Bruns scissors are available in both 18 cm and 24 cm length.

Professional bandage shears

A medical pair of scissors is a common tool for healthcare professionals. The range of professional bandage shears includes gypsum shears,bandage shears, plaster spreaders and various types of pliers.

Our scissors are available in various options

The widia scissors have a hardened scissor blade which keeps the scissors sharper for longer. Many scissors are available directly from stock and can of course be engraved.

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