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Stay active with Push and Push Sports, even during the Coronavirus

Thanks to the measures taken by the government, a large part of the Dutch works at home. Besides working at home, we also aim to go outside as little as possible in order to inhibit the spread of the virus. This does not mean that this should be an impediment to moving!

Staying at home is much easier than you think. Size of the house and whether or not a garden has to play a part in this. Push Sports braces make effective sports possible again. Both outside and inside. What can you do to stay active during the Coronavirus?

Tips for exercise while sitting at home

Use the time you normally spend traveling to work to get some exercise. For example, a 10-minute workout.
Instead of sitting coffee drinking during the break do something active! Walk up and down the stairs a few times, do something in the garden or water your plants.
Take an online sports lesson. On the internet you can find a lot of different online sports lessons. You can take this as an example to do exercises at home. Of course you can also think of and perform your own exercises.
Too much sitting is not good for you, get up a number of times and walk around the house. Find moments to get up. For example, during a phone call.

Push Sports

With these tips, your active lifestyle will not deteriorate. Push Sports braces support the muscles as they move and keep you in control. The Push Sports braces can be used for both injuries and overload and prevention. Push Sports developed braces to make healthy and safe exercise easy. The braces are developed for athletes by specialists. Wearing push sports braces during exercise provides support to the joints. The braces increase the loadability of the body both indoor and outdoor sports. Want to know more about Push Sports? Click here.

Push braces

Also when you are recovering from an injury, exercise is necessary. Push braces allow healthy and comfortable movement. For 32 years, Push has been a strong brand in creating unconventional solutions for protecting or supporting the people’s body. Together with scientists and medics, Push developed the solutions to the quality of life. This allows healthy and comfortable movement, both indoors and outdoors. Click here to discover Push.

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