What are all the possibilities with the orthostraps?

orthostrap van Lomed

One of the essential components for making a splint or detachable brace is Velcro. Both velcro and Lomed’s handmade Orthostraps are produced with high-quality, durable materials.

What are the possibilities in terms of Velcro?

With the Velcro of Lomed one makes for every client a suitable splint. The Velcro is easy to work and comfortable for both the practitioner and the client.

Who uses the Velcro?

The high quality and ease of use ensure that these Velcros are ideal for use in physio and hand therapy practices, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and first-line practices. The Velcro lasts a long time and can be used intensively without tearing or fraying.

Velcro comes on rolls of 25 meters and is available in different sizes and colors.

Discover our Velcro

Adhesive loop strap and hook strap

Both hook and loop strap are also available with a adhesive back. In this way, it is very easy to attach the Velcro to the splint or brace. The adhesive side is covered with white foil that can be easily removed. The high-quality nylon of the hook band ensures that it adheres well to the loop strap, which ensures a stable connection without tearing the hook or loop.

Elastic loop band

Elastic loop strap has a lot of stretch space and is smooth yet very strong. Combine the elastic loopband with a hook strap and make a solid connection that lasts a long time without losing its power. A good connection that is easy to open and loosen can prevent irritations in a client.

Klittenband box

TIP: do you want to store all your Velcro neatly and clearly? Then opt for a Velcro Box with handy storage compartment for scissors and other tools.

What are the possibilities for our Orthostraps?

All Velcro and straps are produced under our own brand “Orthostraps”. Because we produce all the straps ourselves, we can guarantee a high quality. The Orthostraps are all hand-crafted and checked.

Orthostraps are safe to use and last a long time

As a result, we are sure that the products last longer and can be used safely. The straps are packed per 50 pieces and are available in various types and numerous length sizes.

Bespoke head belt welded

This head belt is specially welded to your size. The product is easy to use due to the ring and Velcro, allowing the strap to be manually adjusted and adjusted. By producing these medical devices ourselves, we guarantee the proper functioning of the head belt.

The custom welded head belt is available in different width sizes (from 20 to up to 50 mm).

Customizable head belt

The customizable head belt is available in different lengths and 6 different colors. The head belt is easy to adjust due to the Velcro closure. By means of the belt and the Velcro, this adjustable head strap is easy to attach to any splint or brace.

The Velcro lasts a long time without losing its strength

All straps are extensively tested so that one can prevent a quick wear on the devices.

Customization and special deliveries on request

Because you have a choice of 6 different colours orthostraps, there is always a colour that suits your practice, hospital or institution. Often one also chooses to give different lengths a different color so that during use it can be easily distinguished. In addition to the standard colors, even several other colors are possible on demand. Because we have our own production space, the possibilities are endless! Do you have any special wishes? Please contact one of our product specialists and get advice.

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